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Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code is a complex form of bankruptcy reorganization available to individuals, corporations, and partnerships that allows them to pay secured and unsecured debts over an extended period of time. Chapter 11 is the usual choice for large businesses seeking to restructure their debt as they can continue to operate and maintain employees, sometimes with government emergency relief. This gives businesses more time to reorganize and create a plan to pay off their creditors, with the ultimate goal of becoming profitable once more.

Unlike Chapter 13 cases, there is no limit on the amount of debt with Chapter 11, meaning this type of bankruptcy can provide relief for much larger debt. Before an individual or a business can move forward with Chapter 11, a bankruptcy court must review its disclosure statement (which should outline their assets, liabilities, and general business affairs) and approve its plan for reorganization and repayment to creditors. Following that, creditors, bondholders, and stockholders have the opportunity to vote on the plan. The debtor must agree to pay their creditors over time, but during that time period, the debtor can remain in control of all of their possessions and assets and continue overseeing daily operations. Furthermore, the company’s stocks and bonds can continue to be traded in the market.

The Value Of An Experienced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney In Pensacola, Florida

If you or your business has accrued too many debts and liabilities in this economically challenging time, Chapter 11 could provide the pecuniary rehabilitation and mental relief you need. An experienced attorney can analyze your financial situation and help you better determine what your potential options are and which route might best help you to regain solvency.

While individuals and businesses can file for Chapter 11 pro se (without an attorney), it’s always recommended to consult with an individual studied in the complexities of U.S. bankruptcy law and finance. After all, the results of your bankruptcy petition will have far-reaching consequences on your life and on the financial future of your business. Bankruptcy laws are intricate and have continuously evolved over recent decades; choosing the wrong chapter of the Code may fail to protect the assets that matter most to you. Furthermore, the process of filing involves many petitions and statements, and individuals who attempt to handle this paperwork themselves often make mistakes in reporting their assets and liabilities.

A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney can help you discharge your debts without stress or the fear of liquidation. Having an attorney as your bankruptcy guide ensures a smoother, simpler, and more efficient process, giving you or your business more time to focus on rebuilding your assets.

Rehabilitate Your Business With Janet Lawson, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

If you or your business has been struggling with mounting debt, attorney Janet Lawson can help you explore whether Chapter 11 might be the best option for the future of the company and your employees. After determining the best strategy for you or your business, she and her expert legal team will file on your behalf for a flat rate and keep you updated on the progress of your case.

Attorney Janet Lawson has been helping the people and businesses of Pensacola, Florida, seek relief for their debts and representing them in court for over 30 years. Her firm sets the industry standard for bankruptcy cases and stays current with legal procedures. Through this expertise, she is better able to give clients more personalized attention on top of exceptional representation.

If you’re ready to take the first proactive step toward financial solvency for you or your business, Janet Lawson is here to answer your questions.

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