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Finances can be stressful for anyone, but as soon as debt is introduced into the conversation, it becomes stressful for almost everyone. The accumulation of debt has a snowball effect. The further down the slope you slide, the more challenging it is to recover and climb back up. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a last resort to turn to in cases of extreme debt and harassing creditors. In Ventura, CA, there is no better place to turn for assistance than the Law Firm of Janet A. Lawson. The prospect of filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be daunting at the best of times, so ensure that you have the most qualified attorney as a resource at your disposal.

Why Should I File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Ventura, California?

If you have fallen into debt that you feel that you cannot overcome, it is time to contact an attorney in Ventura, CA. A qualified Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney with experience in the state of California will be able to help you navigate the process of determining your eligibility for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy as well as have your best interest at heart. The majority of people who file for bankruptcy file under Chapter 7. In most cases, you can keep your property, such as your home and car, and receive a fresh start once the process is completed. In order to determine if you qualify, your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney will help you complete the means test.

By calculating your debts alongside other financial information you provide, the means test will calculate your ability, or lack thereof, to repay your accumulated debts. Suppose you are deemed eligible to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. In that case, it will be because of your income, size of household, and other factors that indicate that you fall under the household median income in Ventura, CA. At this point, your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney will be able to help you compile the necessary set of documents to move forward in the filing process.

What Are The Benefits To Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Debt can be built up in several ways. Whether it be from credit cards, medical bills, household bills, car payments, or mortgages, do not let that affect your decision to act. In Ventura, CA, bankruptcy law is designed to help people trapped by an insurmountable level of debt. Contact a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney to find the best course of action for your unique situation. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will help you avoid wage garnishment and other harassments from debt collectors by offering a path towards a fresh start. The Law Firm of Janet A. Lawson is an excellent resource to determine what assets you will be able to keep and provide the necessary insight to complete the means test.

Unlike other types of bankruptcy, filing under Chapter 7 avoids future payments by proving you cannot even begin to climb out of debt. Due to this, your assets will not be seized as they may be under other chapters, and you may retain important property like your home and car. Federal exemptions to your property will also apply and combine with California’s, offering you the best path towards a clean slate. If you feel like you are in a level of debt you cannot overcome, turn to Janet Lawson as an expert Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Ventura, CA.

Do I Need The Assistance Of A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney When Filing In California?

While hiring an attorney may seem like another expense to add to the already accumulated debt, it is wholly necessary. Hiring an expert Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney can make a difference in qualifying under the means test. With the experience of Janet Lawson, the complicated and intimidating process can become much more palatable. You may have factors that need to be calculated into the means test, such as daily, transportation, household, and tuition expenses that can drastically alter the means test results. This is precisely why hiring a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney is necessary. Even if you have already explored your options, completed the means test, or have been rejected in the past, Janet Lawson can help you calculate all of the factors you may not have been aware of.

With the offer of a free consultation, there is no reason to hesitate to contact a seasoned Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney who Specializes in Ventura, CA. The Law Firm of Janet A. Lawson can help you navigate this challenging time in your life and will emphasize the best options for you. Sometimes, debt can seem inescapable or too much to bear, but it can be accomplished with the right assistance and proper guidance. Remember, California has specifically designed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to help people start fresh. The first step on the path to a clean slate is a call to an expert Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney, Janet A. Lawson.

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