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Janet A. Lawson

“Ms. Lawson took care of everything, gave us the scenarios of which Chapter I should file. I chose a Chapter, and Ms. Lawson got all the T’s and i’s in order. Smooth sailing.”

“I hired Jan to handle my BK. She is the most intelligent, hardworking, dedicated to duty attorney around.

I would highly recommend her services. Responds to e-mails quickly. Jan is very abrasive, but that is the type of person you want to have in your corner. If you want your case done right, give Jan a call.”

“I am correcting an error in my previous review of Ms. Lawson. I marked the small circles on my computer on the wrong side. The comments I sent were of course correct and if I may add, if one can be fortunate enough to have this fine Lady work for you, will immediately understand her superior qualities as an attorney and specially as a compassionate and understanding human being. A rare quality in her profession ,as my own short experience have taught me. My previous attorney was a poor excuse to this profession. I certainly am proud to recommend Janet Lawson.”

“We were very blessed to have found this Attorney (Ms Lawson), and are very thankful for the unbelievable work she has done for us.

We were about to loose our home, because after filing for bankrupcy, the court Trustee and her legal council, alleged that we had committed fraud. We hired an attorney (xxxxxx) to represent us. He instead, sided with the court Trustee and went along with every thing they wanted, including to sell our home so they could all collect their fees. THIS LADY, Ms. LAWSON IS OUR SAVIOR. WE THANK HER.”
M Reguero

“Having become disabled, unable to work, and facing huge financial debts, including student loans; Janet was successful in filing my bankruptcy, and more importantly worked with the student loan agencies to dismiss my loans. She is a very knowledgible and expedient professional, with a compassionate heart.”

“Janet handled my case recently. She kept me informed and up to date on everything that was happening in my case. She really knows her stuff. Very friendly office staff.”
A Satisfied Client

“The word “BANKRUPTCY” terrified us. All the calls from creditors and lawyers became so stressful!! I was referred to Janet by a friend and so glad we were. Our first meeting with her was very informative. Every question we had was answered, she explained in detail how bankruptcy works, the different chapters that are available and explained step by step exactly what would happen and when. She provided us with a folder that told us exactly what she needed and what we needed to do for her. Our first appointment took so much stress off our shoulders!!

There were many times we had questions or concerns ( I stress myself out) and while Janet doesn’t take phone calls directly, I was able to leave a message or email and her response time was that same day or the day after. We are currently having issues with one of our creditors and janet has been on top of this situation since it arose. She’s a no nonsense, get to the point type of person, and I love her for that! She’s very pleasant, informative and gets the job done. Her staff is fantastic and helpful !! Just a great experience all around. We will forever be greatfull to Janet and her staff for taking such great care of us, in such a stressful and difficult situation.”

“I used Ms Lawson’s firm about 6 months ago. My experience with her and her staff was always professional. Appointments were timely, organized and results were executed as instructed.

Ms Lawson worked hard to make sure that my case was handled and that all necessary measures were taken to maximize my situation”

“Janet has gone above and beyond with me during my chapter 13. My case should have been dismissed and would have been except for janet giving me the individual attention that she did and spurred me into action.”
A Satisfied Client

“Jan handled my Chapter 13 case this year. Not only is she and her staff knowledgable and helpful, but they are diligent, trustworthy, punctual, and most of all, organized! Not once was my paper work “lost” or “misplaced” or questions left unanswered.

During your first visit, you receive expert consultation (she provides options and the pros and cons of all of your choices with no legal mumbo jumbo and gets to the point), a check list of items needed, payment due dates, etc. all in a folder package. In the folder you have a card listing the website address for pre and post credit counseling and when to do it, a list of resources in case you need them, and most importantly, professional service where your time is not wasted. There was no drama, no unanswered questions – just due diligence in getting your case filed so you could get on with your life.

During my trustee meeting, there were several lawyers and their clients in the hearing room, too. I saw one lawyer run to his car to grab his case file making the trustee and his client wait. This is how disorganized he was. Unbelievable! With Jan and her staff we were not only prepared and ready, but ahead of the game. All of us who had cases that day were in and out like clock work – all of us who had Janet for a lawyer! Everything needed through the completion of the case was done, filed and ready to go. EVERYTHING! Jan and her team keep you ahead of the game.

Bankruptcy is stressful enough. The last thing you need is drama from your lawyer. With Jan, there’s no drama, stress or disorganization. Instead you have a lawyer who tells it like it is and gets the job done. If you’re looking for a touchy feely lawyer who beats around the bush and sugar coats your situation, Jan is not for you. Jan takes care of your business so you can move forward. Besides, isn’t that what it’s all about?”

“I have had many dealing with attorneys as I have always worked full time in the business world. The name Janet Lawson, Esq. first came across my desk in one of these business dealings. Her dedication to her client and her conscientious effort far exceeded anything I was use to seeing. Ms. Lawson took on unnecessary duties as the situation would have “played itself out” without her assistance, although to the detriment of her client. In my opinion, she is a hard working person who is willing to “go the extra mile”. I was so impressed that I decided to hire her for my personal business although it meant 120 mile round trip drive.”

“I needed some legal advice right away. I’ve been trying to get ahold of my attorney for an entire week on a BK issue that took place a couple years ago but have not heard back from anyone at the firm. I called Janet Lawson and left a message with the receptionist and she called me back in less than 10mins. I have never dealt with her before and she had no obligation to call me or help me, but she did when my own attorney I paid good money for failed to do so. (Even though, my attorney assured me that they would be available to me even after the BK was well over with but I guess that was just a good sales tool.)”
A Satisfied Client

“Bankruptcy proceeding went through without a hitch. In Santa Barbara District Court, multiple cases from different attorneys were rejected or documents were returned for modification. All Janet Lawson cases heard on the day that I went to court sailed through and were approved without any modifications. This attorney is knowledgeable and highly competent, as well as charging a reasonable fee. Thanks Janet.”
Janis C.

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